MANAUS in collaboration with the Aspen Community Foundation is working with a group of 17 leaders from the business, education, and non-profit communities to determine the programmatic need and political viability of a locally and publicly funded early childhood education program.



MANAUS has worked with Barbara Freeman and a group of designers in Brazil to develop an app that provides a safe place to save money, build a habit of savings, and in the event of an emergency access loans at reasonable rates. Financial literacy education is also a part of this initiative. We are currently raising funds for this initiative.



MANAUS is currently working with Climb Higher Colorado to facilitate the investigation and possible creation of 2 community schools in the Roaring Fork School District. Riverview and Carbondale Community School are implementing strategies to hopefully demonstrate the power and potential of Community Schools



MANAUS in collaboration with Aspen Community Foundation has invited Sharehold to the Roaring Fork Valley to conduct a number of interactive workshops on Design Thinking and philanthropy for our non-profit community. From July 16 -18, Sharehold will be working with a variety of audiences. Design Thinking is a creative methodology pioneered by IDEO and used by organizations like Steelcase, Google and Proctor & Gamble to develop innovative products, services, experiences and systems. MANAUS believes deeply in the power of user-centered design - that the best solutions come from the people and communities we serve.


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