Our Philosophy

We will invest in just about any kind of project. It doesn’t need to fit within a narrow range of “expertise” or “key initiatives.”

At Manaus, we give ourselves the freedom to make any initiative our key initiative, as long as it has the potential to strengthen the community. Our principle of user-centered design, explained above, allows us to execute across a wide range of topics, fields, and partnerships.

By our thinking, investment success at the local level is also success on a global level. Every community is, in some way, intertwined with the rest — so when you embolden even one group, you’re accelerating progress everywhere. This is how we think of our investment dollars: As fuel for change across the globe.

We’re looking for a few individuals who embrace risk — who want to disrupt the way things are done and the solve problems nobody else has been able to solve.

We won’t accomplish that by asking for the same predictable, comforta-ble investments of time, energy, or money you might be used to. We’ll do it, above all, by harnessing your passion, your energy, your desire for something different — by digging deep.

Our vision is exploratory. We have not prearranged the coming years’ investments or initiatives, since do-ing so can limit our impact.

Our board is currently growing, and we need talent and resources. Maybe you’re the right fit for us, and maybe we’re that vigorous, unconstrained organization you’ve been after.

The key here is ownership: Anything we help create will be owned and operated by those with whom we’ve partnered — not “installed” by some detached team of consultants. Here and into the future, this allows the community to advance and thrive under its own power, for its own sake

We’ve done our best to put our philosophy, goals, and character into this publication. But the greatest community advancements start with personal conversations.

Talk with us and we can imagine, together, what we can accomplish alongside our neighbors here in the Roaring Fork Valley.