In Manaus, Brazil, where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes meet, they flow together as distinct ribbons of color. They’re like two friends, arm-in-arm, striding together toward the sea. These majestic rivers are visible proof that solidarity amid difference is a natural and sustainable state. And when they come together, downstream, they create the mighty Amazon, lifeblood of a continent which, like our communities, would not exist if not for its tributaries.


At Manaus, we give ourselves the freedom to make any initiative our key initiative, as long as it has the potential to strengthen the community. Our principle of user-centered design, explained above, allows us to execute across a wide range of topics, fields, and partnerships. By our thinking, investment success at the local level is also success on a global level. Every community is, in some way, intertwined with the rest so when you embolden even one group, you’re accelerating progress everywhere. This is how we think of our investment dollars: As fuel for change across the globe.