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Is It Fair?

Any child on a playground recognizes what’s fair and what’s not. You take what is not yours, or you ignore someone else who needs help we know what these things mean. Even in adulthood, fairness, as a concept of justice, is clear and useful. It has yet to be hijacked, politicized, or turned into a cliche.


So, at Manaus, we ask a simple guiding question: Is it fair?

Is it fair that our neighbors’ children have no access to school readiness programs because of their income?

Is it fair that those kids’ parents, despite the ferocious love they feel for their family, can’t always be present because they’re working three jobs?

Is it fair that any member of our community should live under constant fear of legal retribution?

Is it fair that the Roaring Fork Valley is filled with well-meaning individuals and families who know next to nothing about their neighbors’ lives and struggles?